About Us

Search360 is an independent executive search firm that advises companies in acquiring the best talent to assist organisations unlock their potential.  We use a consultative, targeted and unique Search360™ approach providing unsurpassed customer experiences to enable your company the best results.  With our independence, we are able to provide an objective view and we always ask you to not only recruit for today, but to consider tomorrow. The business world changes fast and so too position descriptions need adjusting to enable your organisation greater human capital capacity in every hire.

Search360 is passionate about thriving businesses, innovation, social capital and companies that realise their people and the natural environment as an asset, and empowering young professionals onto boards to build a more inclusive and resilient economy for society. We established the firm to educate, advise and deliver high performance human capital solutions for listed and privately held companies, NGOs, social enterprise and start-ups. Positively impacting society and the economy, your human capital is critical to ensure a multi-stakeholder strategy delivers performance across the organisation. This collaborative stakeholder strategy ensures organisations can rise to meet the set of complexities around human resources effectiveness, the digital age; the emergence of transparency and brand image reputation, climate risk and the multiple resource efficiency, food security, sustainable development, infrastructure and societal challenges. Search360 also partners with XY on Boards to provide thought provoking advice around board composition to include Gen-X and Gen-Y to enhance the connectivity and engagement across the complexity of all stakeholders of an organisation to enable better board balance and performance in this rapidly changing economy.

Search360 is inspired by design thinking & strategy, responsible investment, sustainable development, clean energy, impact investing, #socent and innovation & disruption and we understand the rise of the disruptive markets and the new economy.