Executive Search &
Board Advisory

Search360™ uses a unique executive search methodology that removes the mystique from traditional and dated processes by providing complete transparency, advising with strategic foresight and adopting effective technology enabled process. You are our customer and head & heart relationships are why we exist; we are passionate about your success.

Search360™ adopts a true, targeted headhunt approach. The methodology is research based identifying all potential candidates, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a role or not.

With the ever fast paced change of business in the digital age and new economy, Search360 provides strategic advice on your most important asset – people. We don’t say yes to your position description straight away, we challenge your thinking. Why? Because 70% of jobs in 2030 don’t exist today so roles are always evolving and we need to hire for today and tomorrow, so we need to add capacity everytime. Search360 also offers Board advisory services that includes Board appointments, Board composition assessment and thought provoking ideation of enriching your Board with Gen-X and Gen-Y and also enabling strength in diversity and inclusion to better deliver engagement and results across all of the organisation stakeholder groups.

Search360™ Advantages:

    • Engagement – Search360 and the client mutually commit to milestones and deliverables, and work closely together throughout the process
    • Candidates – a traditional advertised process will uncover only a small portion of candidates with the required skill sets and core company values. We identify ALL candidates.
    • TQM – Unlike a traditional executive search, the end-to-end process is thorough, comprehensive and quality controlled. We act with urgency providing a quick turnaround and results.
    • Guarantee – Conducting multiple reference checks and only placing those with the highest credentials, we provide a six-month replacement guarantee.

Search360™ Benefits:

    • Knowledge – We possess intimate corporate sustainability, economic and environmental sustainability and carbon markets expert knowledge and networks
    • IP – Our established intellectual property provides clients with an unparalleled knowledge base and market intelligence
    • Partners – Our selective partnering client model ensures few “off-limits”
    • Insight – We share our research to provide valuable market insights and competitive intelligence
    • Network – With over sixteen years of international experience across the UK & Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific markets, Search360 has established a truly global network. Our referral success is due to our reputation that is underpinned by an ethical code of conduct. With entrepreneurship to the core and more than a decade of investments networks internationally, Search360 possesses an unrivalled Australian and expanding global network of high achieving commercial and technical executives

The Search360™ Channels:

  • Direct (Existing contacts and referrals)
  • Indirect Networks (i.e. Research, market maps and social media)
  • Headhunting (Directly into targeted corporations)
  • Advertising (Print and Online)

Search360™ Process: Your Customer Experience is 6-touch points

Our customised solution places emphasis on deep understanding and mutual engagement through 6-touch-points maintaining regular communication so we are precise in our talent selection, adhering to your corporate values and meeting your unique needs.

  1. Client Problem: Require new hire for replacement or newly created role – we discuss additional skills outside of the square to challenge the status quo.
  2. Client Brief: Search360 meets with client to discuss the requirement in detail – 70% of jobs in 2030 don’t exist today; we get you to think beyond the P.D.
  3. Search Commences: Search360 conduct research, engage network and interview prospective candidates; our customised interviews present market intelligence.
  4. Short-list: Search360 meet with client to discuss short-list and extended long-list to allow client involvement in final short-list selection decision
  5. Interviews: Client commences formal interview process with short-listed candidates and follows with subsequent interviews to decide on preferred candidate(s)
  6. Offer & acceptance: Pending reference checks, preferred candidate’s offer is negotiated and managed by Search360. Search360 maintains communication with candidate through to appointment start date and subsequent ongoing follow up.